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Seaside and Points North

Updated: May 13, 2019

Most of the areas of photogenic interest north of Seaside are in or near Astoria, Oregon, beginning with Fort Stevens State Park near the small town of Warrenton. The image I wanted to get was a picture of the Peter Iredale, a British bark that ran aground in 1906 while trying to enter the Columbia River.

I arrived at Fort Stevens State Park on a Saturday morning and followed the signs to the Peter Iredale.  I parked in a lot, then walked out across the sand towards the wreck. Autos are allowed on the beach in this area, and there was a beach “ highway “ running up the beach within yards of the wreck. Besides it being the weekend, it was clamming season so there were people everywhere.  I had to wait a bit until I got a number of clear shots of the wreck, but I still had to clone a number of people out of the pictures.  But I was pleased with the end results.

 While driving on the park road towards the wreck, I came across a bull elk foraging on the side of the road. I drove past, parked, then walked back towards him. He seemed to know he was protected, seemed used to traffic, so I got several shots of him.  

Downtown Astoria has a boardwalk that runs along the Columbia River in the downtown area and that is where I started.  I found a nice area under the Astoria Bridge and shot a series of shots for a panorama of the bridge.  Next I moved down closer to town, found a spot where a dock/warehouse had once stood. All there was left was the moss covered pilings and an old piece of equipment on a concrete buttress. I shot a photo of that with the bridge in the background and I liked the way it turned out.  

Astoria has a lot of Victorian style homes that in themselves are photo worthy, but I skipped them this time because I wanted to head out of town a ways to the Young’s River Falls. This falls on the Young’s River was discovered in 1806 by a party from the Lewis and Clark expedition who were hunting elk for food.  It was easy to find just off the Young’s River Loop Road southeast of Astoria. It is easy to find, especially if you follow the directions laid out in the photo guide I used throughout this trip. ( The Photographer’s guide to the Oregon Coast, by David Middleton and Rod Barbee )  I took several shots which I liked, then when processing them that night, I suddenly saw a face in the falls looking out at me. I have included here for your opinion, face or not?

Do you see a face in the falls?

This was the end of my Oregon Coast trip, I left the next day for central Idaho.  My next blog will be about the mountains there, especially the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho.