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Pick A Photography Niche...

Updated: May 13, 2019

Whether you are just getting started in this great hobby, or have been pushing shutters for some time, you realize, or will come to realize, that there are many different areas of interest for photographers.

I personally have gravitated to landscape photography, which usually involves some travel. In those travels I often come upon interesting photo subjects that aren't landscape. So, I would categorize my photo niche as landscape photography/ travel photography. Now, you may live in a city, and enjoy taking photos of cityscapes. Or you may have an interest in wedding photography. You may enjoy just walking the streets and taking pictures of interesting people. Some photographers are into micro-photography. Or studio photography where the items in the photos are arranged, the scene carefully set-up and controlled. The options are almost limitless.

Whatever your area of interest may be, I suggest you decide on one and stick with it exclusively, at least at first. Study, practice, and evaluate your results until you are taking good photos most of the time. Learn what camera controls you might need to adjust, how lighting effects your results, what locations work best for what you are trying to do etc. And when you satisfied, or want to move onto another area of interest, do it. You will take with you the knowledge you have gained, some or most of which will be applicable to your new interests.

I have been interested in landscape photography; but I am thinking of combining it with astrophotography. I will have to study and learn some new competencies, such as exposure for dark skies, how to focus on the stars, how to add highlight lighting into the scene, where to go to avoid light pollution, etc. But that is one of the things that make photography such a good hobby, there is always something new to learn and try.

I hope to add stars and milky ways to scenes such as these.