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I Can't Dance.…

Updated: May 16, 2019

I can't dance, nor play music, draw a sketch, or paint a picture. But I can see the beauty in this world and many years ago.... no, 5 decades ago, I started learning how to capture that beauty with a small metal and plastic box with a glass tipped tube fastened to the front of it.

Photography is my creative outlet, my only way of achieving artistic expression. I have never been satisfied with the results, especially when I was younger. As I've gotten older, I may have become " easier to please " because I enjoy taking pictures more now, and I am happier with the results.

Eucle and I enjoying a day at Nevada Beach, South Lake Tahoe

What I hope to achieve, in part, with this blogging site is the sharing of some of my past photography mistakes, so those who are at the beginning of this journey can perhaps avoid making the same mistakes.

I also want to share with you some of those " Ah ha ! " moments when a realization came to me. Often a solution presenting itself to a problem I wasn't even aware I had.

And I will share with you the details of the road trips Eucle and I take in search of pretty pictures. Eucle is my dog, companion, and savior as he came into my life at a very low point and gave me joy. I will disclose what went right on these trips, what went wrong, if anything did, and what I would have done differently.

And, as the title of my blog indicates, I want to share with my visitors my gallery of photos. You are welcome, no, encouraged to down load those you like and use them in any fashion you like. Use them as your desktop background on your computer to provide a bright spot when starting up your computer. Or add them to a digital photoframe in your office or home; these neat devices are a digital slideshow that you can load many images on to. Or print off copies for your own use.

None of my photos are copy-righted, or watermarked; they are royalty free. And before anyone states the obvious, I realize these are not award winning photos. They do not have much commercial potential.

As I stated in the opening of this blog, I just try to capture some of the beauty in this world, and I would like to share that beauty that I encounter with others. I hope you enjoy.

Take time to smell the roses, enjoy the beauty in this world

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