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Oregon Coast Roadtrip

Updated: May 13, 2019

I have been to the Oregon coast many times but never strictly to take pictures. I was researching moving to Boise, Idaho when I came across the website of one of the local camera clubs. They had just returned from Bandon, Oregon and had posted many nice photos of the trip. So I set my sights on an Oregon Coast road trip, from Bandon in the south, on to Lincoln City on the central coast, and finishing with a stay in Seaside in the north. I decided to spend a week in each location.

I started out researching what spots on the coast were most photogenic. Google searches of articles and images were the first step. That gave me a general idea but not enough detail. I came across a book entitled " The photographer's guide to the Oregon Coast " by David Middleton and Rod Barbee. The subtitle was " Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take them " I can not recommend this book highly enough; it is full of great information, down to what highway 101 pull offs to take and the paths that lead down from them to the ocean beach. I read it thru twice and highlighted much of it. When I got to the coast, I consulted it daily to plan out where I would spend the day and where I would spend the most time. In short, this book made my trip.

I have an ebook called " Before The Shutter " Planning Your Next Photography Travel Adventure by Anne McKinnell. Anne is one of my favorite photograph writers/teachers and this ebook is chock full of very useful information about photography road trips. Her website is From researching the location to planning the trip, scouting the location, what to take, etc., her ebook is essential to a good road trip.

One thing in particular that I learned and have put into practice is backing up your images. I had the hard drive on my laptop, but I also took along my Toshiba 1 TB external hard drive. When I returned to the camper each night, I downloaded all my raw images into an " originals " file labeled for each town I shot at. Both on my laptop and the ext. drive. Then when my SD card had 300-400 shots on it, I downloaded all the images from it into a file on the ext. drive named " SD dump ". If I had thought of it beforehand, I would have taken a second external hard drive. It was in one of Anne's ebooks where I read " your data isn't backed up until you have it stored in 3 separate places." Something I learned for my next trip.

One other thing you need to do when you decide to take a photographic trip to the Oregon Coast is to set the dates early and make reservations far in advance. . If you are planning on camping, be aware that for a spot in an Oregon state campground on the coast, you need to put in your reservation 8-9 months in advance. If you are in an RV like I was, 3 months seemed adequate. For motel rooms, I don't know but be forewarned that the summer months are very busy.

I will talk about shooting pictures in each of the towns I mentioned earlier in the next 3 following post. Please stop on back.

All packed up and ready to roadtrip !