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Lincoln City and Points South

Updated: May 13, 2019

The next leg of the road trip was from Bandon up the coast to Lincoln City. Lincoln City is centrally located along the coast and I had laid out plans to visit sites both south and north of that locale.

I stayed at the Devil's Lake RV park on the north end of Lincoln City, which by the way is a very long town. It was 7 miles from Taft at the south end to where I was staying. This RV park is the cleanest, nicest RV park I have ever stayed in, the managers were very nice, and it was easy to get into and out of because of a traffic light right there on the main road. But it had the worst WIFI service I have come across; this may be in part because they have 65 long term residents living there. If you stay there, plan on getting up at 5 am to get connected, ( I have had to do this at numerous RV parks ) and that only worked for an hour or so.

Most of the sites I wanted to visit were south of L.C.; Heceta Head lighthouse, Cape Perpetua, Boiler Bay, Depoe Bay, Yaquina Head lighthouse, Newport harbor,etc. It was a 65 mile drive down to the most southern site, Heceta Head Lighthouse. If I were doing it again, I would have stopped at Seal Rock, north of Waldport and stayed there 3-4 days. I saw an RV park called Seal Rock RV Park that looked nice. Staying there would have cut down some of the back and forth driving. Also, the wayside at Seal Rocks led down to some great rock formations and lots of tide pools at low tide. So, the tip here is break up this section of your trip into smaller sections, I think you will enjoy it more.

My favorite spot on this southern section was Cape Perpetua, just south of Yachats. Be sure to take the drive up to the overlook, it gives a very nice view of the coast. Turn at the marked sign for the campground, on the " land " side of the highway, bear left at the campground entrance and take the other unmarked road that winds up the hill to the overlook. Be sure to take the trail to your right from the parking lot, down to a rock shelter. You get the best view from there, imho.

But the real action at Cape Perpetua takes place on the rocks down by the sea. You walk down some very nice paved trails to get to the rocks. There , within several hundred yards of each other, you have the Spouting Horn formation, Thor's Well, and the Devils' Churn which was putting up huge eruptions of water from the waves hitting the rocks. I have photos of all these in the photo sections of this website. I spent one day down there catching Heceta Head lighthouse and Cape Perpetua, then 3 days later made the hour long drive back down there because it was so much fun and so much to see.

Be sure to make time to take in the Newport harbor area. There is the original Yaquina Bay lighthouse, working fish packing businesses, a number of tourist attractions, and the sea lions. There is a small area behind one of the businesses with a number of docks that are home to quite a number of sea lions. A boardwalk surrounds the docks on 3 sides so you can get a good view of them, you are looking almost straight down 15-20 feet or so to where they are hauled out. Besides the sea lions, you can get a nice picture of the Newport Bridge, numerous small fishing vessels, etc.

My next blog entry will be about the sites north of Lincoln City, including my favorite, Cape Kiwanda.

Spouting Horn , Cape Perpetua