I believe that when I am fortunate enough to take a nice photo of a beautiful scene, that beauty should not be stored away on a hard drive.  It should be out on the internet shared with anyone who cares to look at it. With all the terrible things that happen in the world daily, we all need a moment or two of just taking in something beautiful and peaceful. I have included some of my best photos in this site, not as a way of showing off but to inspire novice photographers.  If a mediocre photographer like myself can take striking photos, so can you. I encourage you to download any photos from the Photo Gallery page for your enjoyment; put them on your computer desktop, make prints from them to hang on your walls, share them with your friends, etc.  And to help take your photos to the next level, I have written many blog posts.  Some are location blogs, telling you about where I took the  photos, and some are educational. These educational blogs address problems and difficulties I have encountered in my hobby over the years, and the solutions I found.  I hope they help. Above all, enjoy.    Tim

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